You are welcome to contact the school at any time for an enrolment package for St Mary’s War Memorial School. Enrolment is upon the understanding that the child's parents must agree to actively support the school philosophy and practices and all students must participate in the school's Religious Education program. We encourage you to book a tour with the Principal (02 6972 3003). 


You can now enrol online, through the online enrolment link:

Click here to view the enrolment application form

To complete the application form, you will need to upload the following information. Original documents will need to be presented at the time of interview.

  • Birth certificate (not commemorative) or passport.
  • Certificate of Baptism (if applicable).
  • Student’s immunisation records.
  • Family Law, Personal Protection Order or Other Relevant Court Orders (if applicable).
  • Last report from previous school (not applicable for Kindergarten enrolments).
  • Visa grant notice for permanent and temporary visa-holders (if applicable) – for both student and parent(s) / legal guardian(s), including passport copies of parents.
  • Any medical reports and/or other assessment reports for students with additional learning needs (if applicable).

Submission of an application does not guarantee a place in your school of choice.

Some NSW schools may charge a nominal application fee.


The school will be in contact with you to discuss your application. If an offer of place is provided, parents/legal guardians will be required to sign a statement of obligation.


2022 Term Begins Term Ends
Term 1 Tuesday 1 February Friday 8 April
Term 2 Tuesday 26 April Friday 1 July
Term 3 Tuesday 19 July Friday 23 September
Term 4 Tuesday 11 October Thursday 15 December

The school will advise via the newsletter any other pupil free days in 2022.


Tuition Fees are set by the Archdiocesan Catholic Education Commission each year.


Enrolment Policy and Other Related Documents

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Learning Support

St Mary’s aims to provide a learning atmosphere in which each child is known and appreciated and where he or she can develop as a happy student in the pursuit of knowledge and skills.

St Mary’s Learning Support Program aims to:

  • provide education for all children in regular classes organised in such a way that all students, including those with special needs, will be able to participate in a significant proportion of activities.
  • structure all learning strategies in such a way as to ensure that the student’s learning is clear, through the use of concrete materials and situations which actively involve the student.
  • organise learning into manageable steps.
  • develop and support student’s self-esteem through the use of praise, encouragement and reinforcement.
  • recognise the uniqueness and dignity of each person.
  • develop the whole person in terms of intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and emotional growth.
  • provide a network where the classroom teacher, the student’s parents, the Classroom Support teacher and others work in consultation.
  • determine the best teaching and learning strategies for the student, and accepting responsibility for reporting to parents on progress by the student receiving special education.

Parents wishing to enrol students with special needs are invited to contact the Principal before the end of Term 2, or as soon as possible, to discuss their child’s requirements.

Kinder Orientation Days


To assist with the transition from home to school, all new Kindergarten children are invited to spend a session of several hours, towards the end of the year, experiencing the routine of school life.  The prospective Kindergarten teacher conducts the activities.


During the first three weeks on the school year the Kindergarten children are provided with one rest/assessment day. Parents are advised at the Kindergarten Orientation Day which days they will be required to arrange care. This day is generally a Wednesday.